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Trade cryptocurrency on the technology-based exchange with high liquidity.

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You invest your money in the already working product


The liquidity aggregator developed by us provides liquidity at the level of the world top exchanges.
At the moment there are 14 trading pairs.
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Simple and
Convenient and intuitive trading platform, as well as a large number of professional analytical tools.
We have ensured a high level of security of data storage and transmission, using cryptographic solutions based on blocking technology.
Our advantages are: fast verification and processing of customer requests,
as well as 24/7 user support in 5 international languages.
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Advantages of IGT-CRYPTO

IGT-Crypto has all the advantages of the best world projects,
which put it among the leaders of the market.
You have the opportunity to use the complete product,
which already took its place on the market.

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IGT – World Class Exchange

  • Availability of fiat currencies USD/EUR
  • 14 trading pairs
  • Fast transactions
  • High liquidity
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IGT Coin Enables a First-Class Investor Access

IGT COIN holders will get a revenue from the exchange platform.

IGT Community
Becoming the IGT Coin holder, you become a member of the IGT Company’s community, which gives you the right to participate in decision-making on platform development
participation in loyalty programs and the right to be among first to gain access to IGT_Wallet and IGT_Debit Card
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25% of the income of the IGT-CRYPTO exchange will be transferred to the IGT Fund and distributed among all the token holders.
The growth of the exchange’s trading volumes will mean the growth of payments to members of the community, and also lead to an increase in the capitalization of IGT Coin.
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All contributions to the fund will be added to the blockchain, which will provide transparency of information about the state of the fund,
will guarantee timely payments, will ensure equality of earning revenues by token holders.
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Listing of coins on
the IGT-CRYPTO exchange
The IGT team has developed the possibility of listing new coins, which increases the trading volume which in its turn contributes to the growth of income of the holder of IGT Coin

Income from IGT Coin

IGT Company will distribute the part of its profits
received by the IGT Crypto exchange among
the holders of IGT tokens in proportion to their shares

The growth of the IGT token's value is directly dependent on the total turnover of the exchange.

To calculate the expected income, select the number of tokens and the daily turnover of the exchange.

Buy IGT Coin
$ 250,000,000
The current situation of the current exchanges
$ 7.44
$ 684.48
$ 2715.60


We’re creating new offices around the world in order to provide better services
for our customers

map 2018

Company development plan

Already done 2017-2018
  • The Beginning of the platform development
  • Officially registered legal entity
  • The trading web platform is launched
  • 14 trading pairs are available for users
  • The liquidity aggregator was developed
Work in progress 2Q, 2018
  • Connecting the Internet Acquiring
  • Connecting Merchants
  • The Development of the Exchange’s API (connection of external drives for trading)
  • The Connection of payment services SWIFT/SEPA
Future plans Q2-Q3, 2019
  • Obtaining a financial license
  • The Development of the cryptocurrency multi wallet
  • Customer Liability Insurance
  • Issuing of Payment cards

Sold Tokens and Bonuses

By investing now you’ll get additional 12% of bonus tokens

Soft Cap – 1 M
Hard Cap – 12,6 M
  • 0
  • 2 M
  • 4 M
  • 6 M
  • 8 M
  • 10 M
    21 M


Q4, 2018

The Listing of the IGT Coin on the world's largest trading platforms

Increasing the number of trading pairs

The Listing of new coins on the IGT-CRYPTO exchange

The Release of the mobile app on iOS and Android

Q1, 2019

Becoming the Exchange with 0.1% of the world’s total turnover on the cryptocurrency trading

Obtaining a financial license

Customer Liability Insurance

Q3, 2019

The Official release of the cryptocurrency multi wallet – IGT-Wallet

The Issuance of payment cards IGT-Debit Card

Becoming the Exchange with 0.5% of the world’s total turnover on the cryptocurrency trading

Q4, 2019

The Official release of the desktop application

The Launch of the Margin Trading

Becoming the Exchange with 1% of the world’s total turnover

Q1, 2020

The Launch of the educational program and the IGT social network

The Creation of investment accounts

Cooperating with institutional companies

Accepting payments in cryptocurrencies

Creating our own digital currency based on Blockchain technology

Q1, 2021

Development of the social trading network

Entering the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges in the world


Token structure

Token name: IGT Token

Blockchain Platform: Ethereum

Token Standart: ERC 20

General emission: 21,000,000 tokens

Smart-contract: Based on Ethereum Blockchain

Token`s price: 1$

Minimal payment: 100$


Roman Yefremenko

CEO & Founder

Engineer in the information systems. Private investor. Has been leading sales department of a stockbroker Finam for three years. Trader with an experience on financial market.

Expert in the field of cryptocurrency and trade.

Bogdan Yegorov

Legal advisor

Leading Lawyer in IT-laws. Lawyers with experience in M&A. Expert in corporate law and investment assets, has more than 15 years of lawyer experience.

Conference speaker of legal regulation of cryptocurrency and IT technology.

Daniel Koshma

Head of PR

Has more than 5 years of experience in development and implementation of PR strategy and company, also promoted company's brand on the market. Forming PR rates plans. Work with social media (SMM).

Writing and posting articles, press release, news, interviews, and official reports a mass-media, development promotion materials.

Maxim Bashmakov

Art Director

Digital marketing expert with 11 years of experience in large number of projects. Used to work with complex web apps CRM and SAAS.

Create huge number of apps and websites. Has successful business experience in blockchain technology.

Alexander Omelyanenko

Director of Marketing

Premier status in Google Partners. Is one of top 10 advertiser in Europe in 2017. More than 10 successful ICO projects. Has successful experience of managing of the budget with more than 1 million dollars per month.

Board certified specialist in systems like Google AdWords, Yandex Metrica, social media, YouTube.

Sajibe Kanti

Security Engineer

Experienced Security Expert with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Web Application Security.

Android Application Security, Sorce Code Analyzed, Python, PHP, C++, Linux Server Adminititon. I am Certified CCNA, RHCSA, RHCE, Strong information technology professional graduated from Bangladesh.

Vadym Machuskyi

Project manager

Has been managing support and accompaniment department for three years in Finam's broker. Author of his own management strategy on financial markets, which get professional recognition.

Finance manager in IGT Company. Expert in finance development management.

Yehor Nesterov

Blockchain Developer

Blockchain developer of consensus algorithms. He developed of architecture for high loaded system. For 2.5 years he has been creating project for working with crypto currency. Develope solution for implementation of crypto-currencies in the daily life of people and the simplification of its use.

Vadim Lashkov

Blockchain Expert

Blockchain expert on working with crypto projects. Private investor. Has experiens in development of few successful blockchain projects. He was engaged in combining projects with blocking technology for security and transparency of their work.

Allen Artamonov

Techniсal team leader

Technical team leader and expert in the development of financial and investment projects. He engaged in the organization of all technical processes, design and configuration of networks. Takes part in the development of systems for high-frequency trading.

Roman Yaremi

Bitcointalk Community

Investor, an expert in the field of crypto-currency and trading, one of the successful traders and investors in the CIS crypto-currency business. Participated in the investment and promotion of a number of block projects Ethereum, Lisk, Wings, BAT, etc. 10 years of business experience. Open-source enthusiast.


Join our Team

Join the team of professionals of the IGT Company.

Contacts: [email protected]


Join our Team

We invite you to join the team of international experts and advisers in the field of blockchain.

Contacts: [email protected]

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